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Hauptseite Programme Gördülő dűlők - Rolling vineyards - Tenkes Picnic

Gördülő dűlők - Rolling vineyards - Tenkes Picnic

24. Juni 2017

Rolling vineyards

Tenkes Picnic

June 24, 2017

10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Gördülő dűlők -Tenkes Piknik 2017.06.24.

We are waiting for you on our hiking paths on the Tenkes slopes where you can enjoy 5 refreshments at 5 family-owned cellars during the 10 km tour!


9.30 - 12.00 registration at Siklós Castle, passport, map and wristbands receiving.

Recommended route:

Gördülő dűlők -Tenkes Piknik Szabó Pince

Offer by Szabó Pince: 1dl wine or 2dl lavender syrup and stuffed cheese


- From 11 hrs dance house with the Kármentő folk dance dancers ensemble
- a quiz test (what does Kármentő mean), with some gift.

Additional offer:

- cellar visit: Wine tasting of four varieties, 1000ft / person
- at 12 o'clock freshly baked bread flakes, 500 ft / portion

Gördülő dűlők -Tenkes Piknik Arnold Pince

Arnold Cellar's offer: 1 dl Hárslevelű or 2 dl grape must and cheese crunchy.


- pool use,
- Carving corner: "Make your own memorial tablet". (Small wooden boards, with professional help, everyone can carve out a memorial tablet)

Additional offer:

- At noon (until 12-13.30 or until the stocks of the foods are exhausted): Furnace knives, potatoes, pickles, bread 1500 Ft / portion
- Giant pancake with homemade plum jam 390 Ft / portion
- wine tasting 300 HUF,
- grape must 100 Ft / dl
- Cellar tour, “Make your own bottle!” (filling of 1 bottle of wine, corking, labeling,…etc. (with guest label) 500 Ft / bottle
-Purchase option from 990 Ft / bottle

Gördülő dűlők -Tenkes Piknik Rubintos Pince


Rubintos Cellar's offer: 1 dl of wine and pie


- wine board game

Additional offer:
- 5 wine tasting + pie tasting + wine board game 2500 Ft

Gördülő dűlők -Tenkes Piknik Joó Pince

Joó Cellar offer: 1dl Olaszrizling, 2 dl elderflower or sour cherry syrup, home-made salami, bread loaf

- At 15 o'clock, the school of strudel making.

Additional offer:

- South Slavic bowl: csevap, pljeskavica, plucky potatoes, potatoes, onion.     Price: 2500Ft / portion
- Homemade strudel: 600Ft / portion
- Wine cellar offer:
Rizling line (3 types of Riesling) tasting with wine biscuits (cheese, walnut, apple): 1500Ft / person
Red, white rosé wine biscuit: 1500Ft / person
Summer refreshment: Olaszrizling, Muscat Ottonel, Rosé, winery: 1500Ft / person

Gördülő dűlők -Tenkes Piknik Kalmár Pince

Kalmár Cellar offer: 1 dl olaszrizling or home-made syrup (elder, sour cherry), 1 roll of olive oil bread with red onion


- 12 to 18 o'clock live Jazz music on the wine terrace.

Additional offer until stock exhausted:
- Breakfast on the terrace for people who get up late in the morning, from 10 am to 12 pm (fried sausage, 2 sunny-side-ups, mustard, tomatoes, fresh potatoes, coffee) 890 Ft
- Bean gulash, fresh crunchy bread: 900.-Ft 12-18hrs.
- Peasant cold cuts in cellar style: 1 500.-Ft,
- Homemade dessert with the fruits of the back garden 300.- Ft

At 17.00 and 18.00 hrs: Horse carriage transfer from Kalmar Cellar to Siklós Castle (500 HUF / person), only for pre-registration!

18:00 - 22:00 hrs: Chill out after party at Siklós Thermal Spa **** (500 HUF / person, under 6 it’s free of charge), so do not leave your swimsuit at home!

The cellars can be visited in the order of your choice!

Pre-registration is also possible, which makes the administration easier.

Participation fee includes the entrance ticket and the cellar's offer in all five cellars (1 dl of wine or 2 dl of syrup and tasting blanks), additional offers are available on the indicated price.

Adult: 3000 HUF / person

Children's ticket (3-18 years): 2500 HUF / person

Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children): 9000 HUF

The distance is easy for children as well. Everyone can take part in the tour at their own risk. Adults are responsible for persons under the age of 18. Cellars must not serve persons under the age of 18 with alcoholic beverages.

Registration, information: