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Council of the Wine-Growers’ Association

The Council of the Villány Wine Region Wine-Growers’ Association was founded in 1996, together with the other wine-growers’ associations of the wine region.

Its objectives are:

  • assistance in the activity of the winegrowers’ associations operating in the territory of the Villány Wine Region,
  • promotion of interests related to viticulture and wine production,
  • increasing the quality of the products,
  • improvement of the marketability of the local products,
  • protection of origin and quality through up-to-date methods.

In the spirit of the above objectives, in 2006 the origin protection system of Villány was introduced, regulating the cultivation of Villány grapes and the making of Villány wines. The production system, built on criteria much more rigorous than the legal regulations in effect, is a warranty for wines of excellent quality.

In the future, the fine-tuning of the operation of the system will further increase the reputation of the Villány wines, the two pillars for which are grapes grown in excellent and controlled conditions, and wines made under similar conditions.

Tasks of the Council of the Wine-Growers’ Association:

  • harmonising the activities of the wine-growers’ associations in the wine region,
  • definition of the regulations for the wine region,
  • collection and summary of the data concerning production and sales in the wine region and forwarding the data to the National Council,
  • management of the origin and quality protection issues of the wine region,
  • representation of the producers of the wine region in professional issues concerning them,
  • participation in supervising legal regulations concerning viticulture and wine farming,
  • member information regarding economic cooperations and market opportunities,
  • supervision of the regulations of the wine-growers’ associations from a professional aspect,
  • judgements on appeals against its decisions in administrative affairs of the wine-growers’ associations,
  • official control of the wine-growers’ associations belonging to its area of competency,
  • organisation of wine programmes and wine contests in the wine region.