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Wine Route Association


The Villány-Siklós Wine Route Association was the first wine route in Hungary, following European models.

In the beginning we had to spend a lot of time explaining what a WINE ROUTE actually was, because the concept ‘wine route’ – this trademark – was unknown on this side of the Iron Curtain. At our first office we were frequently asked, “Would you please tell me the time when the wine route is starting?”

We studied the wine routes of Austria, France and Germany with some envy; we admired how much wine they were able to sell on the spot, the beautiful renovated villages and the large number of sights there were to see along each wine route.

We knew then, and we still know that we had no other choice!

Villány has proved that it was going the right way!

Walking a brand new path, we

  • cooperated – before the Act on regional development was made!
  • protected quality – before the Act on wine-growers’ associations was passed!
  • taught wine tourism, because it had been non-existent in Hungary!
  • thought on the micro-regional scale, although we were not categorised into the same “labour market catchment area”!
  • obsessively educated the new, civilised consumers of wine!
  • wrote applications and won grants, and employed a large number of volunteers!

In one word: we had a belief in Villány, we believed in the people living here and we also believed in wine!

Look and see what we are doing! You can read about rural development, certification, tourism, and many other things… and this is all the WINE ROUTE!

If you are a wine producer living here or you have a tourism service, or you are planning to set up a business here or even if you would only like to support us – come and join us >>

If you look at our pages you will see that we are “holding each other’s hands” and this is good! Very good!

Now we know when a WINE ROUTE starts: when you want it to start!