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Socio-economic objectives of the Wine Route


A WINE ROUTE is a micro-region of short walking distances which, by assisting the development of wine tourism and rural tourism, also has an impact on the development of the local economy. A wine route promotes the production of quality wines and creates favourable circumstances for family businesses. A wine route is a sort of school of wine culture, a school whose knowledge contributes to the improvement of the quality of life.

The Villány-Siklós Wine Route Association was the first wine route to be founded in Hungary, following European examples. It was founded by seven municipal governments and also by private persons and entrepreneurs (a total of 18 actors). Later, the municipal governments and entrepreneurs of other settlements joined the programme. Now it refers to the total settlement network, with the complete production area of the wine route (17 settlements). The positive impact of the wine route on the development of the local economy, the increase in the number of jobs and the sustainable development of the region of 25,000 inhabitants in the last fifteen years are evident.

Dezső Kovács (2014): From mass production to a genuine rural experience economy: the case of the Villány wine region in Hungary


The objective of the Association is the establishment of the wine route, the promotion of the production of quality wines, the development of wine tourism and rural tourism, the protection of the vineyards and ecological image of the Villány Wine Region, an ncrease in the market and the demand for local quality wines, the protection of the monuments, cultural and architectural treasures, and the articulation and representation of the interests connected to all the above.

In order to achieve this, the Association integrates and coordinates communal, infrastructural, economic and business development, as well as the environmental protection programmes of the region.

It creates harmony among the initiatives of the municipalities, business organisations and non-governmental organisations and the inhabitants of the region, it matches these initiatives with the economic and financing resources necessary for them, and based on this it makes recommendations for priorities in development objectives.

Socio-economic objectives of the Wine Route:

  • stopping emigration,
  • creating new jobs, business development, increasing income generation capacity,
  • featuring the region as a residential place with a future perspective,
  • the civil development of the region,
  • protecting the natural, architectural and cultural heritage,
  • mobilisation of the capital of the region and inclusion of further external investors,
  • utilisation of opportunities and values in the cooperation between the municipal governments and the inhabitants.