Blum Pince - Borozó Vendégház

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European wineroad quality: ♣♣♣

Address: Villány, Baross Gábor utca 103.

GPS: 45.865971, 18.448834

Mobile phone:+3630/9027-072

Web address:

Opening hours: constantly

Services of the cellar:

  • Cellar visiting tours
  • Wine tasting
  • Wine sales

Catering facility:

  • Restaurant

Type of accommodation:

  • boarding house
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Blum Pince - Borozó Vendégház

Villány, Baross Gábor utca 103.

Blum Pince - Borozó Vendégház
A Blum Pince Borozó belső udvara
Blum palackok
A Blum Pince Borozó borkósoló terme
Szoba a Blum Panzióban

A Blum Pince Borozó belső udvara
Jó idő esetén hangulatos udvar várja a borozni vágyókat.
Blum palackok
A Blum Pincében mindig megtalálja az ön ízlésének megfelelő borfaját.
A Blum Pince Borozó borkósoló terme
Kellemes környezetben, kellemes borokat kóstolhat.
Szoba a Blum Panzióban
A borozó épületében panzió is található.

The Blum Cellar has been receiving and entertaining guests as well as producing wine since 1989.
Our charming cellars are located on the second and third levels of the protected historic row of wine cellars of Villánykövesd. Our tavern which has Mediterranean atmosphere was opened here in 2005. It also includes a high quality guest house as well.
We would be happy to welcome you in our cellar whenever you are taking a trip in Southern Baranya.

Cellar Accommodation Catering Map



  • wine sales

  • cellar visiting tours

  • wine-tasting

Guests, single or group (up to 200 people), who wish to get acquainted with the excellent wines and gastronomy of the Villány-Siklós Wine Region, are welcome in the Blum Cellars in Villánykövesd and Villány throughout the year.

Extra services:

  • Cold buffet breakfast

  • Closed parking lot

  • Internet (Wifi)


  • Villány tavern: 50 people

  • Guest house: 5 double bedrooms (+3 spare beds)

Opening hours:

  • Monday – Thursday: 10:00 – 20:00

  • Friday – Saturday: 10:00 – 22:00

  • Sunday: 10:00-15:00

Languages spoken here:

  • German

  • English