Günzer Családi Birtok - Günzer Zoltán

European wineroad quality: ♣♣♣

Address: Villány, Oportó utca 6.

GPS: 45.866913, 18.446646

Mobile phone:+36 20/ 468-3126

Web address: http://www.gunzerzoltan.hu

Opening hours: preliminary registration

Services of the cellar:

  • Wine tasting
  • Wine sales
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Günzer Családi Birtok - Günzer Zoltán

Villány, Oportó utca 6.

Günzer Családi Birtok - Günzer Zoltán

The "Günzer family" was involved in vine-growing in the Villány area through several generations, both for own consumption and for marketing.
GÜNZER Zoltán has started his family wine business in 1993, on a plantation of 0.5 ha yielding 1500 bottles per year. Technology and philosophy were focused from start to sales of bottled wine.

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Plantation of new surfaces was started in 1998, and presently has resulted in a total area of 20 ha. Investments in technology were started in 2001 and are still continued, as really good wines require both grapes of excellent quality and technological perfection. We try to make best use of the natural values of our vineyards, attention given to local particularities. In our belief, family businesses are optimal, because one is strongly bound to all work phases and the products.


  • Wine sale

  • The new wine tasting cellar is ready, tasting events and cellar visitation