Kalmár Pince

European wineroad quality: ♣♣♣

Address: Siklós, Csukma dűlő

GPS: 45.874085, 18.287609

Phone:+36 30 278 4752

Web address: http://www.kalmarpince.hu/

Opening hours: preliminary registration

Services of the cellar:

  • Cellar visiting tours
  • Wine tasting
  • Wine sales

Catering facility:

  • Restaurant
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Kalmár Pince

Siklós, Csukma dűlő

Kalmár Pince
Kalmár Pince vendégfogadó tere.
Kalmár Pince kóstolóterasza
Kalmár Pince - filagória

 Látványpince kandallóval.
Kalmár Pince vendégfogadó tere.
Kalmár Pince kóstolóterasza
Kóstolóteraszunkon 60 főt tudunk vendégül látni. Pékáruk helyben sülnek.
Kalmár Pince - filagória
Filagóriánkból csodálatos kilátás nyílik a Siklósi Várra.

The Csukma valley of Siklós is located at the base of the Tenkes Mountain, twenty-four kilometers from Pécs. This romantic area has been wandered by the historic figure of Captain of the Tenkes hundreds of years ago. The region of Siklós, Harkány and Villány is primarily known for its breathtaking natural endowments and fairy lands. This remarkable region gives home to the Kalmár Vinery and Vineyard that has been renewed in the recent past. With its exceptional wine terrace, a selection of vernacular wine, and a variety of local cuisine; the Kalmar Vinery and Vineyard boasts a unique rural architecture, country-style atmosphere and a warm welcoming environment for its guests.

Cellar Catering Map

Kalmar Vinery and Vineyard is the perfect place to organize family reunions, gatherings, hosts company events and conferences.


  • wine tasting,

  • wine sale,

  • visiting the cellar,


  • 130 person (in covered place 70 person - in the garden approximately 60 person)

Opening hours:

  • Reservations required.


  • German

  • English