Szende Pince

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Address: Villány, Baross Gábor utca 85-87.

GPS: 45.866345, 18.449971

Mobile phone:+3620/204-1442

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Szende Pince

Villány, Baross Gábor utca 85-87.

Szende Pince
Bejárat a villányi Szende Pincébe
Udvar a Szende Pincében

Bejárat a villányi Szende Pincébe
A Villányi pincesor egyik ékköve.
Udvar a Szende Pincében
Hangulatos kerthelységünkben kitőnő borozási lehetőség nyílik jó idő esetén.
 Pincénk mindig jó hangulattal várja vendégeit
 Hangulatos borkóstolókkal várjuk egész évben
 A Szende család szeretettel várja vendégeit egész évben
 Fergeteges malac lakoma!
 Borkostolóink mindig jó hangulatba telnek

Villány has become justly famous based on is opportunities provided by nature and the skill and diligence of its people. Since the change of political system the area has developed into one of Hungary's most known wine-growing region. The family Szende (named Schwarz before 1945) has been involved in wine production for seven generations which is approved by certificates from that time.

Gábor Szende and his wife Gabriella produce grape and wine since 1985 on their own when Gábor had received a "thousand square-fathom" newly planted vineyard with cellar and equipment as wedding present.

Both of them have maintained the "estate" beside their work at the beginning and in the year of 1995 they have opened their wine tavern among the first ones at the row of wine cellars at the high street of Villány being established from a former press house and its "cellar keeper" was Gabriella.

After 13 years spent in administration producers of Villány have elected Gábor for the Head of Villány Wine Community, which he had been carried out until 2005.

They introduced their first bottled wines at this time whose number for today has reached 55,000 bottles per year. By the growing vineyard the liking of grape and wine has become their mission in life. They play a leading role in the wine tourism of Villány, and the Szende Cellar has developed to a determinant point of the Villány-Siklós Wine Route. Their children born in 1990 are "infected" by this profession as well.

Karina assists her mother occasionally in catering, while Gábor junior his father in wine-growing. Gábor junior representing the eighth generation is the first graduate oenologist and sommelier in the family. Their first common wine a Portugieser of vintage year 2003 - although only 328 bottles were produced - has received gold medal at the Wine Contest of Villány in 2004. Meanwhile the junior wine series have been prepared each year experimenting with different varieties whose current example is "Versus" produced from blending Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon of harvest year 2006. In the past years the land has grown to eight hectares and it requires the set up of a new processor and cellarage that is being planned and built jointly by father and son since 2005.

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Gábor respects and carries out traditional wine production, as he has learned it from his father and grandfather. Local traditional varieties can be found among the grape varieties: Portugieser, Blue Frankish and world varieties: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir. The development of the winery has facilitated to combine traditional and modern technology. The grape originating from the Villány Wine Region's excellent slopes (Csillagvölgy, Ördögárok, Kopár) is processed with careful harvest and it ferments in open tanks with manual tamping or in coolable-heatable non-corrodible metal tanks. Biological acid decomposition takes place after fermentation below the "mudded" fermentation in certain wines of ours (e.g. Junior Portugieser); hence red wines become velvety and more delicate in a natural way. Ageing is carried out in oak barrels; depending on the variety it can last from a few months until even two years.


  • wine tasting in the cellar and in the wine house,

  • wine sale,

  • giftwrapping even with unique, named label

  • Both professional events and gatherings of friends or family members can be held in our private room being able to serve up to 70 persons. Live music is offered at request.
    If the weather is nice guests are welcome in the Mediterranean garden where 40 persons can be hosted. We look forward to welcome you in our cellar:

  • visiting the cellar,

  • selling 8-10 sorts of wines,

  • opened garden place


  • 160 person (in covered place 110 person - in the garden approximately 50 person)

Opening hours:

  • every day 10:00-20:00, but for advanced calling we can be open before noon as well


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