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Main page Programmes XVIII. European Winesong Festival 2014

XVIII. European Winesong Festival 2014

26 September 2014 - 28 September 2014

Bartók Béla Férfikar, Pécs

Wine goes hand in hand with songs in every culture, but only the hungarians have “winesongs” – you would think so.

Well, it is already known from the history of the festivals: that, this musical treasury is unequally rich, inspired by the grape and wine through ages, cultures and continents.

The Winesong festival served as a guide for more than a thousand male singers to the world of winesongs and excellent hungarian wines. Beside the participants, the dedicated audience is also contributing year by year to the unforgettable and unique feeling of the festival.

Participants of the of the XVIII. European Convivial Wine Song Festival – 21th Anniversary edition:

  • Coro de Iddanoa Monteleone (Sardinia, Italy)
  • Russian Singers (Russia)
  • Vivat Cantus (Austria)
  • Stockholm Police Choir (Sweden)
  • Joensuun Mieslaulajat (Finland)
  • Zengő Együttes
  • Pannon Filharmonikusok
  • Pécs Ércbányász Koncert Fúvószenekar
  • Veszprém Város Kadarkara
  • Bartók Béla Férfikar


Festival Programme

Friday, 26th September

6.15 pm -  Song with wine -visiting the wine cellars of Villány.

Bella Borterasz

Zengő Együttes

Blum Pince, Villánykövesd

Joensuun Mieslaulajat - Finnország

Bock Pince

Kováts Kolos -Bartók Béla Férfikar

Crocus Gere Borhotel

Coro de Iddanoa Monteleone – Olaszország (Szardinia)

Gere Tamás és Zsolt Pincészete

Vivat Cantus – Ausztria

Polgár Bortrezor

Stockholm Police Choir – Svédország

Szende Pince

Veszprém Város Kadarkara

7 pm-8pm: Open-air concert “Winesongs from all over the world” in the open-air event square of Villány

Saturday,27th September

4.30 pm 4rd Muster of Villány Prime Wines – winetasting with the participation of 18 wine-growers in the Kodály Centre of Pécs

7 pm Gala-concert in the Kodály Centre of Pécs

Sunday,28th September

11 am „Our Friends, the Troubadours of Wine” – Individual concerts of the participating choirs in Pécs and on the Villány-Siklós Wine Road.

Palkonya Faluház

Coro de Iddanoa Monteleone – Olaszország (Szardinia)

Nagyharsány református templom

Stockholm Police Choir – Svédország

Harkány Gyógyfürdő - Gyógykert

Joensuun Mieslaulajat – Finnország

Gáti Tanya

Vivat Cantus – Ausztria

3 pm „Feast of Wine and Song” – open- air programmes in Széchenyi Square, Pécs.

Festival participants, folk music and dance ensembles, folk art and handicrafts market, wine-tasting and market.