Főoldal Settlements Bisse


The village of Bisse is situated at the northern foot of Tenkes Hill.

The name Bisse comes from the Besenyő tribe; in the tax register of 1542 the village was mentioned under the name Bysse. Its church was built in 1805. Two-thirds of the population are Protestants, while one-third are Catholics.

The settlement structure of Bisse is simple, as the village has only three streets, with 259 inhabitants living in a total of 110 homes. Children attend kindergarten and school in the nearby village of Szalánta. Bisse has an operating youth club and library.

The fishing lake next to the village is very popular.

Bissei horgásztó

Two well-stocked fishing lakes of picturesque beauty have recently been established, and are now a popular leisure destination. Due to this, more and more homes are being used for rural tourism. Bisse holds its village feast day on 20 August (a national holiday in Hungary), when all generations are offered varied programmes.

Mayor’s Office: 43, Petőfi utca, H - 7811 Bisse
Telephone: 36/72/424-870
Number of inhabitants: 259
Bisse is attached to the district notary office of Szalánta.

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