Főoldal Settlements Csarnóta


Csarnóta is a village at the eastern foot of Tenkes Hill.

The first written document referring to Csarnóta (as "Chernethe") dates from 1309, later the village was mentioned as Crnota and in 1542 as Charnotha. The most important architectural value of the single-street village is the Protestant Church, erected in 1858.

Due to the flora and the excellent quality of air the Tenkes Hill, Csarnóta has been declared a nature conservation area. Its varied landscape is crossed by creeks, and also by the National “Blue Hiking” Trail.

The hillsides around the village are home to several beautiful vineyards and cellars, many local inhabitants being engaged in producing the excellent white winesof the area. On St. Vincent’s Day the cellars are opened to visitors. In the famous Tenkes Inn, owned by the municipal government, visitors can enjoy a well-eamed meal after taking a long walk in the beautiful environment.

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Mayor’s Office: 25, Fő utca, H - 7811 Csarnóta

Tel.: 36/72/424-873
Number of inhabitants: 153
Csarnota is attached to the district notary office of Túrony.
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