Főoldal Settlements Diósviszló


Diósviszló is situated on the southern side of the Cser Hill.

Diósviszló a fellegekbőlThe first time Diósviszló was mentioned in writing was in the early 14th century, as a domain of the Vyzlau family belonging to the Kán tribe. Documents written in 1332 already mention the castle and the church of the landlord. In the extended area there were 4 operating watermills, and the hillsides were important areas of viticulture. In the beginning of the 14th century the village was already one of the most significant settlements of the area, Siklós being the only settlement that preceded Viszló (Wyzlau) in the payment of the papal income tax.

The reformation movement of Diósviszló may have taken place in the first decades of the 16th century, at which time the inhabitants, converted to the Protestant belief, built the structure prayer house with clay and straw mortar walls and without a belfry. The inhabitants decided in 1800 to build a new brick-walled church with a belfry. The church was built using the ruins of former castles, from public donations, and mostly by the labour of the local population. It was one of the most beautiful churches of the area. It was consecrated in 1804. The tower had two bells.

Sights of interest in Diósviszló:

  • Ormánság Gate (a work by Győző Szatyor)
  • Protestant church
  • WWI Monument
  • Community House, local history collection
  • Wrought iron fences and gates from the early 20th century

How to get to the Villány Wine Region?

Mayor’s Office: 106, Petőfi utca, H – 7817 Diósviszló
Tel.: 36/72/430-106
Number of inhabitants: 725