Főoldal Settlements Harkány


Harkány is an internationally renowned spa resort at the foot of Tere Hill.

The name of the medieval Harkány (Nagh Harkan) was first mentioned in a document dated 1323, but the settlement was already inhabited a 1000 years ago, as is demonstrated by the artefacts from Hun and Avar tribes found in the present territory and neighbourhood of Harkány.

Medicinal water was discovered in 1823 by János Pogány, a canal digger of Gyűd, when he felt that the warm water coming out of the ditch had a healing effect on his sore feet. Development of the settlement started (in the time of the Batthyány family) after chemical analyses also proved the healing power of the water, which in the more than 150 years that have passed since then, has led to the present turnover of one million guests a year. Harkány was given municipal status on 1 July 1999.

Festivals, exhibitions and concerts are regularly organised in Harkány, as are children’s programmes. The most famous of these are the Exorcist Days, the Egg-Painting Days, the Withsun Music of Whitsun, the Bathing Festival in the middle of July, and the Harkány Vintage Festival in September.

Sights of interest:

  • Catholic Church and churchyard: on the outer walls of the church built in the 1990s we can see the story of the passion of Jesus, in the enamelled works of László Morvai. The enamels Stations continue in the churchyard, demonstrating famous events and characters from Hungarian history.
  • Reformed church: in Lajos Kossuth Street, parallel to the Medicinal Spa and Beach, we find a Calvinist church, a protected monument built in 1802.
  • Tere Hill Calvinist church: the church, also a protected monument, was built in 1798. It can be found on a small hill in the part of the town known as Terehegy.
  • Zsigmondy alley and park: in the ancient park south of the bath those searching for rest can find various works of fine art and comfortable benches.
  • Harka well: the well erected in 2000 in the ancient park, of valuable Zsolnay material, shows a motif connected to the legend of the Harkány water.
  • Drinking fountain with apple: the drinking fountain erected in teh front of the Mayor's Offixce in 2000, Millennium year is a work by László Vajda and Tamás Kamerer.

How to get to the Villány Wine Region?

Mayor’s Office: 2, Lajos Kossuth utca H - 7815 Harkány
Tel.: 36/72/480-202
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Web: www.harkany.hu
Number of inhabitants: 3,824