Főoldal Settlements Hegyszentmárton


Hegyszentmárton is the westernmost settlement of the Villány Wine Region.

The first mentions of Hegyszentmárton in written documents were in the 14th century, first as S. Martinus de Monte, later as Villa Zenthmarton. Hegyszentmárton was inhabited even in Turkish times; its population has been of Hungarian ethnicity since then.

In 1930, another two settlements were annexed to Hegyszentmárton: Alsóegerszeg and Monyorósd, presently  Egerszeg Street and Monyorósd Street within the village. Two lakes await anglers in the vicinity of the village.

The sacral life of Hegyszentmárton is assisted by a cemetery chapel and a belfry consecrated to the honour of St. Paul. The chapel is a station of the international St. Martin Route. A resort village has been established on the vineyard hill, the village fete day is organised in September each year. Most of the local inhabitants are farmers; they have recently created a small fishing lake.

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District notary office: 18, Kolozsvári utca, H -7837 Hegyszentmárton
Tel: 36/73/493-022; Faluház: 36/73/594-000
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Number of inhabitants: 472