Főoldal Settlements Kisharsány


Kisharsány is a village at the foot of Fekete (Black) Hill.

Kisharsány a szőlőhegyről

Kisharsány is a well-kept village with several streets; the beautiful environment of its streets of cellars offers pleasant sight for visitors. A number of its inhabitants are engaged in wine production.

Kisharsány has preserved its distinctive former architectural structure, the traditional streets of cellars and the Protestant traditions of the inhabitants of Hungarian ethnicity. The main tourist attraction of the village is the protected Protestant church, built in 1840-42 in classicist style. Several old terraced peasant homes, with columns supporting the roof, have remained in relatively good condition and are all within a short walk's distance.

Attractions of Kisharsány:

  • Its All Saints church was built in 1289
  • A beautiful columned wine house, presently owned by József Farkas.
  • Anita Rózsakerti has created her absolutely unique Cellar Gallery, open all year round; tours are guided by the artist herself.
  • The protected mulberry trees are a picturesque sight.


How to get to the Villány Wine Region?

Mayor’s Office: 24, Petőfi utca, H – 7800 Kisharsány
Telephone: 36/72/351-114
Number of inhabitants: 563
Kisharsány is under the jurisdiction of the district notary office of Nagyharsány.
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