Főoldal Settlements Kistótfalu


Kistótfalu is a village in the north of the Villány Hills, at the foot of Áta Hill.

Due to its closed character, the lack of transit traffic and the excellent quality of its air, Kistótfalu is a settlement truly surrounded by nature.

The National Blue Trail follows the southern hill ridge; along this trail we find botanical rarities and protected species of plants. Along the tourist hiking path we can see a 360-370 year old karst bush forest with different Downy Oaks and a real rarity, a flower of spectacular golden colour: the Spring Pheasant’s Eye.

This is where the Roman military road ran and the 22nd legion of the Roman Empire was stationed. Excavations have revealed the watchposts and the cemeteries, which are proofs of the military operations of Marcus Aurelius.

Kistótfalu's street of cellars, in a lovely green environment, is partly a branch-off of the National Blue Hiking Trail running from Máriagyűd. The tourist attractions of Kistótfalu include the tin-roofed Protestant church built in 1839, and the listed terraced building of monument value at 44, Lajos Kossuth Street which, according to the date on the deck beam, was made in 1783.

Those fond of hiking are recommended to walk the nearby forest school trail and the forest hiking trail.


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Mayor’s Office: 1, Bem Apó utca, H – 7768 Kistótfalu
Tel./Fax: 36/72-377-777
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: www.kistotfalu.hu
Number of inhabitants: 354