Főoldal Settlements Márfa


Márfa is a village on the southern slope of the Villány Mountains, east of Terehegy (Tere Hill).

Márfai templomThe first written document mentioning the name of the village – as Markfalva – is a certificate from 1332.

After the expulsion of the Turks Márfa became the domain of Count János Droskovich and after 1698 it was the domain of a soldier named Caprara Aeneas. Still later the village was owned by the Batthyány and then the Benyovszky family.

According to the available written documents, Márfa is probably a settlement inhabited by ethnic Hungarians from the beginning, its Protestant congregation remaining true to its religion even after the counter-reformation. The main sight of interest of Márfa, the Protestant church, was built in 1826.


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Mayor’s Office: 45, Fő utca, H – 7817 Márfa
Tel: 36/72/479-494
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Number of inhabitants: 238