Főoldal Settlements Nagyharsány


Nagyharsány is situated on the southern slope of Szársomlyó Hill.

The most striking feature of Nagyharsány is the bare, "Devil ploughed" - Szársomlyó Hill, which rises behind the village to a height of 442 metres above sea level. It is a nature conservation area managed by the Danube-Dráva National Park. On the western side of the hill there is a working quarry.

The area is home to great whip snakes, green lizards, the rare Hungarian Crocus, discovered by Viktor Janka in 1867. This plant was the first plant in Hungary to enjoy legal protection.

Archive data first mention Nagyharsány in 1223, as the road “running to the Monday fair”. Nagyharsány was located at a venue important for trade; this is one of the reasons for the development of the village in the Árpád Era and later. This was the site of the victorious battle led by Charles of Lotharingia on 12 August 1687, a watershed event in the process leading to the expulsion of the Turks. The battle is often called the 2nd Battle of Mohács.

The Protestant Church of Nagyharsány (a national monument ) with its painted walls dates back to 13th century. Its Baroque shape was formed in 1782; the tower was erected in 1900. The churchyard of the church is home to the statue of Mihály Sztárai. In the second half of September each year, one of the concerts of the European Festival of Convival Song is organised here.

The open-air workshop and statue collection exhibited in the eastern quarry of the hill is a popular excursion destination, and also an internationally known artists’ workshop for the students of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pécs as well as for foreign artists. In addition to the picturesque and fascinating sight of the statue park visitors are attracted by the view over the vineyards of Villány and the plain of the Dráva River. The guided Szársomlyó walking tour, starting out from the Statue Park, allows visitors to discover the Hungarian Crocus.

Sights of interest:

  • Protestant Church with wall-paintings
  • Statue of Kossuth
  • Statue of Sztárai
  • Exhibition of local history
  • Quarry (private area)
  • Nagyharsány Statue Park (2 kilometres away)


How to get to the Villány Wine Region?

Mayor’s Office: 54, Lajos Kossuth utca, H – 7822 Nagyharsány
Tel./Fax: 36/72/568-000
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Web: www.nagyharsany.hu
Number of inhabitants: 1,599