Főoldal Settlements Nagytótfalu


Nagytótfalu is located at the southern foot of Gombás (“Mushroom”) Hill.

The village is bordered from the north by the vineyard hill dotted with white press houses, and from the west by the vineyards of Göntér Hill. The village is home to the three oldest linden trees (Tilia cordata) of Baranya County.

The original inhabitants of Nagytótfalu were Protestant Hungarians; ethnographically the village is situated in the outer part of the Drávaszög ethnic group, or approached another way by the micro-region of the Siklós area.

Nagytótfalusi tájházThe centre of cultural life is the nationally-famous traditional-style old house opened as a museum in 1988. It has a valuable ethnography collection, with an all-year-round working weaver’s workshop as well as a handicrafts camp that operates in the summer and is visited by children from all over Hungary. The building, where the School Museum and the Local Historical Museum are accommodated, was built in 1846. It was the school of the Calvinist congregation of Nagytótfalu and the residence of the teacher right up until 1976.

The protected church of Nagytótfalu was built from 1782 to 1786; its organ was made by the famous Angster Company of Pécs. In the square in front of the church a wooden headboard was erected in 1997 to commemorate the heroes of the village who fell in the war of independence of 1848.

An annually organised event is the St. Mihály (Michael) Day’s festival organised in late September.

Other attractions:

  • Dolls and Bricks – a private collection
  • Street of cellars


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Mayor’s Office: 45. Kossuth utca, H – 7800 Nagytótfalu
Tel.: 36/72/716-122
E-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web: www.nagytotfalu.hu
Number of inhabitants: 414