Főoldal Settlements Szava


Szava can be found in Baranya, northwest of Siklós, near the village of Diósviszló, Ócsárd and Garé.

The earliest information related to the village dates back to the last decade of the Árpád Era, from the late 13th century, when the name of the village was Zawa. According to the tax register of 1542, it was domain of the abbey of Somogyvár. The settlement was continuously inhabited during the Turkish occupation, later becoming the property of the Batthyány family.

The inhabitants of Szava are Roman Catholics and Protestants. Its renovated church, registered as a national value, is from the Árpád Era, and is still use. From its ancient form it was rebuilt into a Baroque style protestant church in the late 18th century, later being reconstructed and enlarged in 1854.

When railway traffic started in 1913 along the Pécs–Harkány line, one of the stations was Szava. The railway line was closed in 1972.


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Mayor’s Office: 99, Kossuth utca, H – 7813 Szava
Telephone: 36/72/379-054
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Number of inhabitants: 355