Főoldal Settlements Túrony


Túrony is a village on the western side of Tenkes Hill.

Túronyi Árpád-kori templomThe beautiful natural environment of Túrony offers wonderful opportunities for hikers and ecotourism developments.

Archaeological findings reveal that the village was inhabited in the Stone Age, and artefacts from the Bronze Age have also been found. In the Roman Era an important military road crossed the settlement.

The first mention of Túrony, as Turul, was in a charter of 1207. In the 14th century the village had a parish office of its own, which indicates its importance. In 1849, during the War of Independence, the peasants answering the summons of Kossuth lost a battle here against the troops of the Emperor.

Tourist attractions:

  • Protestant church from the Árpád Era

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Mayor’s Office: 8, Lajos Kossuth utca, H – 7818 Túrony
Tel.: 36/72/524-030; 36/72/424-879
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Number of inhabitants: 275

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