Főoldal Settlements Villánykövesd


Villánykövesd is a village at the foot of Fekete (Black) Hill.

Villánykövesdi pincesor

The most famous sight of Villánykövesd at favourite haunt of tourists and a frequent theme of painters and photographers: the triple-level village of cellars. The protected cellars of national listed value are one of the most spectacular monument groups in Hungary. They demonstrate what a significant viticulture and wine production this region had in the past. The distinctive coloured gates are open to visitors all year round; visitors can see the current phases of wine processing, the tools used for it, and can enjoy the taste of the wines, the fruits of the work of Man and Nature.

Looking down from the streets of cellars we can see a two-hectare park in which a children's playground can be found.

The opening ceremony of the European Wine Song Contest is held in the Batthyány Cellar, made by Italian church builders in 1754, in the second half of September every year. The sight of the enormous underground wine cathedral and its acoustics fascinate visitors. The brick factory on the edge of Villánykövesd is a piece of industrial history.

The old Roman Catholic Church was built in late Baroque style in 1780. It was consecrated to the honour of Our Lady.

The nearby Fekete Hill hiking trail is a favourite for hikers.


How to get to the Villány Wine Region?

Mayor’s Office: 2, Kossuth utca, H – 7772 Villánykövesd
Telephone: 36/72/ 492-891
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Number of inhabitants: 360