Főoldal Settlements Vokány


Vokány is a village at the northern foot of Gombás (“Mushroom”) Hill.

Already in the Ápád Era there was a Trinity Benedict Abbey mentioned by certificates as early as in 1183, where Vokány stands today. During the Turkish occupation the monks fled to nearby Siklós, and they never returned.

The ruins of the cloister and the church were still visible in the 18th century, and the ruins of the church were discovered in 2000 by the staff of the Baranya County Archaeological Museum. A new village was founded on the site of the abbey later, in the 18th century. The first inhabitants of Vokány were Serbs, who were replaced later by settlers of German ethnicity.

The Church, built in 1777, was consecrated to the honour of the Holy Trinity, and it was renovated several times in the 18th-20th century. The side altar of the Zopf style church is of Rococo style. The church festival is held on Trinity Sunday after Whitsun.

Regular events:

  • November church festival
  • Day of elderly people, also in November
  • Trinity Day church festival in June (including a German traditionalist programme)
  • Village fete day in April (village decoration with voluntary work)
  • Equestrian day in July (with the participation of the Tenkes Hussars Group)

Mayor’s Office: 104, Kossuth utca H – 7768 Vokány
Tel.: 36/72/377-143
E-mail: kjvokany0axelero,hu  
Number of inhabitants: 900


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