Főoldal Villány Wine Region

Villány Wine Region

The wines of the Villány Wine Region are considered to be wines both of excellent quality and of commercial success by experts and consumers and the Hungarian wine market.

The first full origin protection system of Hungary was developed out here. The Villány-Siklós Wine Route is the first stronghold of Hungarian wine tourism. The strongest attraction of the region is wine.

In the Villány Wine Region development was built on strong foundations: a respect for traditions.  The treasures of the region include the protected streets of cellars in Palkonya, Villánykövesd, Villány, Nagyharsány and Kisharsány, the cellars and press houses scattered around in the vineyards of Siklós; hundreds of years ago they were important for their technology, now they are important destinations of the tourist industry.

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Traditions include the presence of Kadarka, Portugieser, or Schiller wines. The Villány Wine Region, however, is also able to continuously move onward, besides respecting traditions.  It offers an almost perfect and full range of wines. In several modern cellars the most up-to-date technologies are applied.

The wine producers of Villány are frequently among the most successful participants in wine contests and exhibitions. So far, wine producers or wine cellars of Villány have been awarded the prestigious title “Wine Producer of the Year” or “Wine Cellar of the Year” six times.

A distinctive feature of the Villány Wine Region is the large number of cellars run by experts with technological knowhow. A second generation has grown up alongside the generation founded the vineyards and cellars. The future of the Villány Wine Region is ion their hands!

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