Főoldal Villány Wine Region Crocus trademark

Crocus trademark

The Hungarian Crocus is the trademark of the wines of Villány.

Magyar Kikerics

What is the connection between the Hungarian Crocus and a Villány wine?

There are many!

The Hungarian Crocus is a plant unique to the region, which can only be found on the south slope of Szársomlyó Hill. It is the first flower to welcome the spring and the first flower to bloom. The wines of Villány are also like that: they are made from the fruits of the vineyards on the slopes, hilltops and valleys of the Szársomlyó and Villány Hills, from grapes that enjoy most warmth in Hungary.

The Crocus is a protected plant among the Hungarian flora, and this is how we protect the origin and the character of the Villány wines, the treasures of Hungarian viticulture.

What is the origin protection of Villány wines?

We protect the place of production, because the richness, fruity character and maturity of the wines are due to the soils. The location of the hillsides and valleys is what makes Villány wines Villány wines. We designate and protect the boundaries of the wine region, qualify the place of production and differentiate among vineyards.

Together with the list of the varieties of vines that can be grown here, we also provide, write down and control their cultivation and wine production technologies. We protect traditions, and the maturing and quantity of the wines is monitored both in the cellars and in the bottles.

Which wines can be given the trademark?

If a wine meets the criteria specified in the regulation of the origin protection of the Villány wine region and in addition the Wine Qualification Committee of the Wine Region also considers it to be a wine of satisfactory quality ¬– matching the categories “Villány Classicus” or “Villány Premium” –, then the wine is entitled to bear the Crocus trademark.

What is Classicus and what is Premium?

Origin protection differentiates between two categories, which are also indicated on the label.

  • Villány classicus is the category that involves the majority of the wines; it is a classification for the wines typical of the wine region, and within that, for different varieties of wines.
  • The Premium category contains those wines that meet more rigorous criteria than those set for the “classicus” category, having a much more unique character typical of the individual vineyards, and also further special values from the wine grower or winery.

Look for the Crocus!

Kikerics - a villányi védett eredetű borok védjegyeIf you see the trademark of the Hungarian Crocus on the label of the wine, you will know – from the year 2006 onwards – that you have the opportunity to taste a wine made by careful and busy hands, produced in controlled conditions and grown in one of the most interesting wine regions of the world of wines.

The crocus is the symbol of the wines with origin protection from Villány; it is linked to the origin protection system of the Villány Wines and demonstrates the protection and authenticity of Villány wines.