Főoldal Villány Wine Region Natural treasures of Villány Wine Region

Natural treasures of the Villány Wine Region

Villány, naturally!

This slogan is really means something here!

It is almost unbelievable, but this cultural landscape, growing the most labour-intensive varieties of grapes, is heavily interspersed with nature conservation protection areas.

Levendula virágzás

The varied landscape, which is small and beautiful, “of human scale”, allows versatile land use despite its small size; forests, lakes, vineyards and pastures are among the treasures of the area.

There are four nature conservation areas and numerous protected plants and animals – and all this within 30 kilometres!

This is really a place to be discovered!

  • Do you know why Fekete (Black) hill is black?
  • Do you know where the Hungarian crocus lives?
  • Have you ever seen a butcher’s broom?
  • Do you how many million years ago American wild horses lived in this area?

You will find the answers to all of these questions if you keep a sharp eye open and read the signs along the educational paths.

  • Do you know what another miracle in this is?

Light, air, planty of sunshine, and the pleasure that you will derive from drinking a glass of refreshing wine after eating your food in the open air – following a long walk in the countryside.

Let us partake of nature together!