Főoldal Villány Wine Region Natural treasures of Villány Wine Region Church Hill

Templom (Church) hill

In the court of the quarry of the Templom (Church) Hill (formerly known as Limestone Hill) of Villány, unique Jurassic and Pliocene–Pleistocene petrographic treasures can be seen in the cliff wall.

The ammonites and vertebrate remains bear witness to tens of millions of years of evolution.

Ammonitesz maradvány a Templom-hegyen

Geological research has been carried out in the area since 1910, and 27 new animal species have been discovered so far. The prehistoric vertebrates found here include wild horses migrating from North America and wolves.

Date of protection: 3/1989. (22 February) decree of the Ministry of Environment and Water Size of protected area: 3.4 hectares
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Environment protection objectives

Preservation of the landscape and the natural treasures of the area, with special regard to the following:

  • geological excavations, geological sections,
  • karst formations, caves and their remains,
  • the palaeontological values, significant by international standards,
  • discovery sites of Jurassic ammonites and Pliocene–Pleistocene vertebrate remains
  • protected and strictly protected plant species (e.g. Rusty Foxglove /Digitalis ferruginea/)
  • and their habitats (e.g. Cleistogeni-Festucetum rupicolae),
  • protected animals (e.g. smooth snake /Coronella austriaca/, slow worm /Anguis fragilis/, bee-eater /Merops apiaster/) and their habitats,
  • aesthetically valueable aspects of the landscape.