Főoldal Villány Wine Region Red Wines Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc

It is an elegant, complex, rich, longliving, impetuous wine with scented spices, a serious structure, lively, taut acids and smooth tannins: that is, with a lovely equilibrium.

The flavour of the Cabernet Franc reminds one of blackthorn, alpine strawberries and plums. It is an unforgettable experience to drink this velvety wine with its high extract content. It is rich in tannin. If made in a good year and after a maturing period ( of 10 to 15 years ), its taste reaches its optimum. It is excellent both for blending and by itself.

Confessions about the cabernet franc of Villány:

Perhaps it first came to our notice when Michael Broadbent visited in 2000 and tasted the cabernet francs of József Bock, Ede Tiffán and our own winery, and then published his tasting notes in the English magazine Decanter, stating he thought that ”cabernet franc has found its
natural home in Villány,” said Attila Gere.

Ede Tiffán continued, “Cabernet franc ripens about a week earlier than Cabernet Sauvignon. Thanks to this, there is a chance that even in cooler years it will reach its socalled fenolic ripeness, producing lovely, soft acids and a ripe, lush tannin. In this state of ripeness the vegetal characteristics of bouquet and flavour, so frequent in Cabernet Sauvignon, appear neither in taste nor smell.
It is restrained, not strident, elegant. In the world of wine cabernet franc appears alone in but a very few places (Chinon, Saumur, Friuli); elsewhere it is rather found as a blending partner with Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. In this spirit was born (and will be born again in good years) our cabernet franc Selection wine. It is characterized by soft acid levels, delicate, ripe, intense tannins, mellowness, harmony, elegance and an exceptional potential for long life. A year and a half maturing in French Taransaud barrels steeled it to still greater challenges. According to informed opinion, the money-for-value ratio is extremely favourable. On one occasion Thomas Brandl, journalist for the German wine magazine Weinwelt, asked, "Why is this wine so cheap?”

„It is a rarely found in Bordeaux as an independent wine. The French are simply incapable of taming the type, which is one reason why they blend it. Unlike here in Villány, where, tightly reined, it displays its true features. This is our cabernet franc!” added József Bock.

Mónika Debreceni (Vylyan Vineyard and Winery) took over enthusiastically: “According to Béla Hamvas, the Villány version is an elegant wine, one for cavaliers and ladies. If it’s cavalier, then it’s cabernet franc. Sent to the ball, according to Hamvas, freshly bathed, shaved and kitted out in evening dress or tuxedo. Bound, upon entering the whirl of the dance, to attract attention – noble, erect, energetic, exciting, complex – a cavalier who maintains his best form even in old age. It is a milder grape than its famous cabernet franc cousin, one which much enjoys the Villány soil. It produces reliably year after year, giving us unforgettable wines. It is a manylayered wine; the ripe fruitiness is complemented by many promising characteristics which harmonise with the velvety tannin and the characteristically lively acids.”

“I bottled my first cabernet franc in 1986, and I still have a few of those bottles in the family vaults. Nothing compares with the exuberance of the Franc. This wine has a distinctive face. Although I’ve been working with it for a long time, and know it well, even so I always feel that it’s hiding secrets and surprises. I turn particular attention to its production and maturation, so that a Villány Franc is born that gains the recognition not only of the winedrinker, but also of the profession," said Zoltán Polgár.

This is what Zsolt Maul had to say: “For our winery, cabernet franc is nothing other than the summit. It is the crown prince of our wines, its jewel. Just as for the wine region itself, this grape meant a break-through thanks to which a new era began, rich in successes. Our flagship wine, Lator has proven itself over many years.

The Franc is the flagship of the Villány terroir. Master of Wine Jancis Robinson also stated that the type had found a superb home in Villány,” said the owners of the Heumann Winery, the Swiss-German couple Evelyne and Erhard Heumann, in agreement with what had been said before.

According to Zsolt Gere, the primary aim of their winery is to trap in bottles the unique characteristics of Villány. He raises cabernet franc as a bastion above the other wines, for in every good year it is able to display the wine region’s special features in a way both unique and unambiguous. Thanks to its climate, the cabernet francs of the Villány wine region optimally bear the hallmarks of a continental climate spiced with the influence of the Mediterranean. They are at once a robust and elegant, an overwhelming and playful wine.

The Franc of the Csányi Winery reaches premium quality due to the favourable position of the Hársos vineyard, restricted production, and much care. Zoltán Szakál takes over: “One of the Chateau Teleki family of wines, the Franc, with its deep ruby colour, its rich bouquet of black berries and its flavour of dark chocolate and ripe plums is the winery’s pride”.

According to Gábor Kiss, in Villány the cabernet franc is capable of displaying its provenance without being extreme about it. „Year after year it is balanced, subtle and harmonious. It doesn’t even cross the mind of the person tasting it that the grape might not have been cultured here. Those who enjoy wine are the ones who like to discover the world sensitively in its tiny details, and perhaps this is when the greatness of the strain is best understood.”

Csaba Malatinszky, who will also be holding a master class on Villány Francs at the VinCe 2012 Budapest exhibition, adds only this to what has gone before: “The Franc is elegance non plus ultra! For me, elegance is a synonym for harmony, the essence of which is perfect balance, the sound of the great orchestra, the greatest synthesis, the outward radiation of inner beauty – that is what cabernet franc means to me.”