Főoldal Villány Wine Region Red Wines Kadarka


Kadarka is considered a Hungarian variety, although it was brought to Hungary from the southern neighbouring countries during the Turkish occupation.

Kadarka can have high yield, but the wine made from Kadarka in years of plenty is of poor quality. With some care and attention a really remarkable wine can be made of the Kadarka grapes. In traditional viticulture it has an outstanding and unmistakeable taste and fragrance, although these depend to a large extent on weather conditions.

  • It's spicy character,
  • high acid content,
  • reserved fragrance and taste are excellent for marriage with the meals of traditional Hungarian cuisine, as well – especially in “thinner” years – as being an excellent drinking wine. It is a real “companionship wine”. In excellent years it has a very special complexity of tastes reminiscent of chocolate-cherry and paprika spice. It is usually not suitable for years-long maturation; its magic lies in its freshness.