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Kékfrankos ("Blue Franc")

According to an anecdote the name "Blue Franc" originates from the time of the Napoleonean wars, when the French soldiers billeted in Sopron bought wine for French francs. The wine has been called kékfrankos ever since.

  • Its ruby or deep crimson colour,
  • masculine character,
  • richness in tannic acid and
  • strong fragrance

make it a favourite of many, and wine producers also call it nagyburgundi ("Great Burgundy") wine. This wine matures quite slowly, and after a year its roughness turns into a fine velvety character. This noble flavour makes it one of the most precious red wines of the wine region. It is excellent not only in itself but also in blends, where it keeps its definitive character. Rosé made from kékfrankos is becoming increasingly popular.