Főoldal Villány Wine Region Red Wines Portugieser


Portugieser, especially the one made in Villány, is a red wine of national and international fame. Its qualities are displayed at their best in places of production with a warm climate.

Portugieser, made from fully ripened blue grapes, has

  • a deep red colour,
  • a limited acids,
  • a soft character.
  • It has a harmonious fragrance and aroma reminiscent of violets.
  • It is a perfect “drinking wine”.

Portugieser, besides having a strong yield, is surprisingly attractive even when matured in new barrels. A tasty rosé wine can also be made from this species. Its freshness and fruity character are usually preserved until the next year’s vintage. The popular wine feast on Márton’s Day (11 November) also owes it success to Portugieser, as it is also excellent as a new wine. When specifically treated as a new wine (which is indicated on the label), its characteristic aroma is preserved until the next spring. As eating habits increasingly appreciate light meals, this wine is becoming even more popular.