Főoldal Villány Wine Region Sights of interest

Sights of interest

The best thing about the wine route winding its way through across the Villány wine region is that it is full of interesting places to see. The region is on a human scale, inhabited by many ethnic groups and every few kilometres there is some peculiarity to see.

The beauty of the wine region, inhabited by Swabian, Sokác (Catholic Slav), Hungarian and Croatian ethnic groups and rich in red and white wine, can be found in its tiny details.

It would be a shame to hurry; ask around and take a look at everything!

This is what is awaits you:

  • rich architectural heritage of the historical landscape,
  • fine arts creations of more recent years,
  • a beautiful natural environment,
  • genius loci,
  • curative spas,
  • the oldest place of pilgrimage in Hungary,
  • and many, many good wines that are definitely worth tasting!

We recommend that you…

  • take as many trips as you can fit in!
  • feast your eyes on everything you see!
  • drink wine with discreation!
  • enjoy the spa waters and finish everything off with a refreshing rest!

Whatever you may need: accommodation, cellars, an events calendar or a map, they are all available on this site.

Have a great time in our region!