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Djami of Malkoch Bey

Besides the fortress, the other outstanding sight of interest in the town of Siklós is the Turkish mosque, dating from the 16th century. It was built between 1543-1565; the construction was led by a high ranking Turkish officer, Malkoch Bey. After 1686 it was re-built into a three-storey building and was used as a dwelling house.

Malkocs bej dzsámi

The tower of the Minaret, part of the building, may have been demolished at that time. During the 20th century its condition further deteriorated, while the remaining three foundation walls were integrated into the abutting buildings.

The archaeological discovery of the church, formerly believed to have been completely destroyed, started in 1969, led by Győző Gerő and Ferenc Mendele. Restoration of the monument started in 1990. In 1993 the building was given the Europa Nostra award, donated each year for excellent restoration works.

In 1994 it was opened to the public and it still operates as was originally intended; it is also houses an ethnographic exhibition. The interior of the mosque – carpets, pewter and copper objects – were gifted to the town of Siklós by the Turkish National Ethnographic Museum. The building, originally covered with a dome, now has a tent roof positioned on an octagonal drum.

The central part of the small, quadrangle shaped mosque is the mihrab (niche of prayer), facing towards Mecca. The building is made unique by its internal wooden ornamentation.


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