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Educational pathes

Butcher's Broom (Ruscus aculeatus) Educational Path

The educational path starts from the information sign located in front of theó Máriagyűd pilgrimage church and can be walked following the walkers’ path marked with a yellow stripe. Finding your way is also madev simpler by the wooden markers located at distances within sight of each other along the path: each marker has a drawing of  Butcher's Broom.

Szúrós Csodabogyó

Downloadable map of the wine region indicating the Butcher’s Broom educational path. Please, enlarge at Máriagyűd!!!

The educational path, which runs between the church and the hut at the foot of the Tenkes hilltop, is approximately 2.5 kilometres long. When reaching the end, it is well worth climbing up the hill ridge and then walking down the paths marked with a yellow cross or red stripe to Máriagyűd.

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Szársomlyó (Hungarian Crocus) walking tour

Regular walking tours on the Szársomlyó Hill

Guided tours are organised from the Sculpture park between Nagyharsány and Villány, , starting at 10:00 a. m. every day from Wednesday to Sunday.
Participation fee:

under 18 years: 400 HUF/person
adult: 800 HUF/person

The Szársomlyó is a Nature Conservation Area!

The Hill has been protected since 1994 as the only habitat of the Hungarian Crocus in the country , and after 1991 the north and the south slope were also given strictly protected status and now they can only be visited with permission and a guide.

Downloadable map of the wine region. Please, enlarge at the Statue Park!!!

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Templom-hegy (Church Hill) Ammonites educational path

The educational path was established in the old quarry of Villány’s Templom-hegy. Leaving Villány in the direction of Villánykövesd, 500 metres after the railway station and turning left before the rail crossing we find the – not very smooth – car parking place at the foot of the hill.

Ammonitesz maradvány a Templom-hegyen


If we walk from the centre of Villány, we must walk towards the mobile phone transmission tower visible from quite a distance. When we reach the car park area we can see an information arrow pointing towards the first stage of the educational path.

Downloadable map of Villány. Please click on Templom-hegy!!

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