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The medicinal spa of Harkány

Harkány spa, the healing water

The Harkány Medicinal Spa and Beach Company has a history of almost 200 years. The miraculous effect of the water, so legend goes, was first recognised by a Gyűd serf called János Pogány, who was “freed” from his terrible pains in the legs by the marshes of Harkány.
In the course of time Harkány became one of the Hungarian centres of the healing of locomotion diseases.

Gyógymedence a Harkányi Gyógyfürdőben

The spa of 13.5 hectares can receive up to 15,725 people a day. The spa is supplied with thermal water by four artesian wells, with “certified medicinal water” at a temperature of 62 °C

The Harkány water: the thermal wells produce high sulphide content chloride water containing sodium-, calcium- and hydrogen carbonate. The special feature of the water is provided by the carbonyl-sulphide content of the sulphuric compound, as this compound is absorbed much faster and has a much more immediate effect than other sulphates do. Due to all these features the water is suitable for the treatment of locomotion, rheumatic, dermatologic and gynaecological diseases.

The Harkány medicinal spa: it has a separate medicinal department of high quality and well-trained experts.

Medical services of Harkány:

  • Lymph drainage,
  • carbonic acid bath,
  • tangentor,
  • reflex massage,
  • mud treatment,
  • medical massage,
  • medicinal gymnastics
  • electrotherapy.

In addition to medical treatments, Harkány attracts fans of water-related leisure activities.

Events in Harkány:

  • single day events;
  • annual two-day bath festival at the beginning of July;
  • series of events called the Long Weekend over the weekend of 20 August;
  • in the framework of the latter, the wet T-shirt beauty contest.

The services and medical treatments of the Harkány Medicinal Spa are financed through Hungarian Social Security for those who are sent by their general practitioners or physicians. For information on possible treatments of your disease, please contact your general practitioner or the Medical Spa of Harkány.

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