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Siklós fortress

Siklós Fortress – which has become the symbol of the town – is one of the best preserved and most harmonious of historical remains.

Siklósi várThe fortress is first mentioned in a certificate dated 1294; the owners at that time were the Suklosi family of the Kán tribe. In 1387 King Sigmund confiscated the fortress and donated it to the Nádor branch of the Garai family. The Garais owned the fortress for a century and they enlarged the fortress in Gothic style. In 1482 the fortress became a royal domain again, and King Matthias gave it to his son, John Corvin. In 1507 Imre Perényi occupied the fortress by siege. The Perényis rearranged and in the spirit of the Renaissance reconstructed the palace-fortress. Imre Peréni and his second wife, Dorottya Kanizsai spent the greater part of their lives in the fortress, but after the lost battle of Mohács in 1526 Dorottya left Siklós, first moving to Németújvár (now Güssing in Austria), and than to Sárvár, while the son of the “nádor” (governor) moved to Sárospatak. The fortress of Siklós was occupied by the troops of Sultan Suleiman in 1543, and the fortress was used by the Turks for 150 years as a major military base. After taking it back from the Turks, the fortress was donated to Count Aeneas Sylvius de Caprara, a general of the emperor. He started the construction of the still existing huge fortress castle, but the works were temporarily terminated after his death. The final touches on the castle were implemented by the Batthyány family in the 18th century. In 1873 the fortress was purchased by a Pozsony (now Bratislava) attorney called Lajos Benyovszky, his family were the last private owners of the building. In 1929 the fortress and the castle were awarded national monument status. In 1944 the Military Treasury bought the complex and they had plans for its reconstruction. The fortress partly disintegrated and heavily destroyed in World War II, had no owner until 1955, when Baranya County Council became the body responsible for its management and restoration. The fortress is now state property. In 2000 the maintenance of the fortress was taken over by the Siklós Fortress Theatre Ltd., now working as a non-profit Company.

Open hours:

  • Fri-Sat: 9.00-18.00
  • Sat-Thu: 9.00-17.00

Ticket prices:

  • free for childern (under 6 years)
  • for students (between 6 and 26 years) 750 Ft
  • for adults: 1500 Ft
  • for families: 3000 Ft (2 adults, 2 children)
  • for educators: 750 Ft
  • combine ticket: 3200 Ft (Siklós Castle and Thermal Spa Siklós)




Guided tour:

  • 6000 Ft/group in English or in German language


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