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Villány wine culture

The civilised consumption of wines

Moderation is an eternal golden rule when drinking wine.

It is easy to keep, due to the beauty,- and aesthetic value of wine.
There are so many flavours and fragrances in wine, that it actually should not be drunk, but rather looked upon in the glass, tasted and enjoyed in good company talking about wine!


"First, water is changed to wine, and then wine is changed to blood. Water is the material, wine is the soul, and blood is the spirit. From material to soul and from soul to spirit – it is a double transformation that we have to experience here on earth." (Béla Hamvas: The philosophy of wine)

Wine tasting

Making excellent wine is an art form!

Wine itself is a work of art and has an aesthetic value, and so tasting and evaluating wine is also an activity of art.

When tasting wine, we do not merely use one single sense – as in the case of a piece of music or a painting – but all of our senses, if we follow the rules below:

  • Use a clean, dry "Bordeaux" glass – a type of glass with a bowl in the bottom and a narrower upper part – held by the lstem, which ensures that you do not heat the wine in the glass with your hand and do not to leave fingerprints on the wall of the glass.
  • As in love, tasting begins by feasting the eyes. First look at the cleanness and colour of the wine by holding it against the light – or candle-light in the case of red wines, and then swish the wine in the glass and move the glass under your nose to examine the fragrances.
  • Finally, take a sip of wine into the mouth and move your mouth as if chewing the wine to examine all of its components. The results of such a tasting can determine the consumption value of the wine.

Villány wine culture