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Serving wines at the table

  • Serving starts by presenting the wine.
  • White and rosé wines should be taken to the table in a container that maintains the temperature. Red wines should be held in the hand or placed upon a tray, while old wines matured in the bottle must be served horizontally, in a pouring-basket.
  • The label of the wine should be visible to the guest while serving.
  • When uncorking the wine, the bottle should be wrapped in a serviette, after which the top of the protecting capsule should be torn or cut. Cutting or tearing the whole capsule is a serious mistake!
  • Drive the corkscrew into the full length of the cork and remove the cork. The cork should be made visible to the guest, and it must be handed over for inspection on a small dish if requested.
  • Wines 3-5 years old should be opened at least 20 minutes before consumption to allow the wine to breathe.
  • Either the guest who ordered the wine or the owner is the first to taste it, to check the quality of the wine.
  • The wine must be poured into a perfectly clean and dry glass only. A Bordeaux glass, a tall glass with a broad bowl, is a good choice. White wines require glasses with a smaller bowl, while red wines demand bigger ones.
  • When pouring wine, glasses should be filled only to 1/3 to allow the wine to be  well swirled inside the glass.