Főoldal Villány Wine Region White Wines Chardonnay


The chardonnay grape was imported to the region from France by the Chapter of Pécs in the late 19th century. It's wine has

  • a definitive character,
  • a distinctive fine fragrance and aroma,
  • a fiery, strong, harmonious, often velvety full-bodied character, and in most years excellent quality and elegance.

Chardonnay is called by its most passionate consumers the ballerina of the wines, for its special, light appearance. Its distinctive features make it excellent for maturing as a barrique.

  • Its bouquet reminds us of green apple and firestone, sometimes of smoke.
  • Its aroma is dominated by acids which are more complex than in any other wine.
  • It bears the marks of ripe melon, honey and, if made from over-ripened grapes, has a buttery flavour.

Chardonnay is an extremely elegant wine that is suitable for long-term maturing. Chardonnay made from over-ripened grapes is a real delicacy.