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Királyleányka (“King’s Daughter”)

Királyleányka originates from Transylvania, it was probably made from the crossing of Leányka (“Little Girl”) and Kövérszőlő (“Fat Grapes”) in the years before World War I.


  • is rich in aromas,
  • is good for ripening, it makes an extremely beautiful, balanced wine, we may say that it is a wine standing “in the middle” among white wines,
  • is not aggressive but has a splendid character due to the combination of fantastic grapes blossom and fruit scents and a lively sensation of acids.

Királyleányka is not too full-bodied and sour, so it is more recommended for joyful consumption for those who are used to softer wines. The efforts striving for quality instead of quantity have done a lot to improve the judgement of this wine by the friends of wines.