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Olaszrizling ("Italian Riesling")

Olaszrizling is ripe by the second half of October.

The wine made from olaszrizling grapes:

  • has a delicate bouquet,
  • is reminiscent in flavour of bitter almond,
  • has a fiery, yet slightly soft, beautiful harmony.

Olaszrizling, if produced in a good year, matures well. Over-ripened grapes of the variety produce a natural dessert wine of special quality.

Writer Márai Sándor said:
"The smoothness of the olaszrizling reflects a Latin culture and the high viticulture of Pannonia. Rizling has a kind of homely confidentiality, drinking it is like talking to a relative."
As Hungary produces more of this type than any otherl wine producing country, and also because it adapts excellently to the natural endowments of the Hungarian wine regions, it is now considered a Hungaricum.