Főoldal Villány Wine Region Wine-growing land Climate


The Villány wine region is the southernmost lying wine-producing region in Hungary, where spring comes early and grapes in the vineyards ripen in more sunshine. In autumn frequently contains an Indian Summer or as they say hereabouts, an “Old Ladies’ Summer”.

One of the determining features of viticulture is good climatic conditions, including temperature, annual hours of sunshine, a vegetation period and the right amount of precipitation.

Szársomlyó télenDue to its location and orography, the Villány Hills comprise an area excellent for wine production. The southern slopes of this East-West range have a special micro-climate. The area is situated in the warm, moderately humid climate zone.

The annual mean temperature is around 10-11°C, which is approximately the same as the national average, but the amount of average annual sunshine reaches 2100-2150 hours. The sunniest part of the year is late summer. The last springtime frosts are expected on or around 10 April, and the frost-free period usually lasts until about the second half of October. On the southern slopes the number of frost-free days exceeds 200.


The Villány Hills is the southernmost hilly area of Hungary, with strong Balkans features.